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10 attention that technology of switch power source develops are nodded
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Go up century 60 time, of switch power source come out, make its replaced linear regulated power supply and SCR photograph to control power supply stage by stage. 40 come for years, technology of switch power source had flying fast development and change, experienced power semiconductor device, high frequency change and the soft switch technology, compositive technology of system of switch power source develops level 3 times.
Power semiconductor device from ambipolar model parts of an apparatus (development of BPT, SCR, GTO) is MOS parts of an apparatus (power MOSFET,
The) such as IGBT, IGCT, make system of electric power electron comes true likely high frequency change, reduce substantially guide a loss, circuit is more simple also.
Go up oneself 80 time begin the century, high frequency change the development research with soft switch technology, make power transformation implement function better, weight lighter, size is smaller. High frequency change and soft switch technology was in the past 20 years one of heat that bound of electron of international electric power studies.
Go up century 90 time metaphase, system of electron of compositive electric power and module of electron of compositive electric power (IPEM) technology begins to develop, it is one of new issues that bound of electron of current international electric power resolves urgently.
Attention nods one: Function of power semiconductor device
1998, infineon company rolls out cold MOS canal, it is used " super knot " (Super-Junction) structure, friend calls power exceeding a written guarantee MOSFET again. 800V of ~ of working voltage 600V, on-state resistor reduced an amount level almost, still maintain the characteristic with switch rapid rate, it is semiconductor device of a kind of high frequency power that has development outlook.
When IGBT just appeared, rating of voltage, electric current has 600V, 25A only. Inside very long period of time, 1700V of ~ of 1200V of compression level be confined to, the exploratory study with long course and improve, rating of the voltage of IGBT, electric current already achieved 3300V/1200A and 4500V/1800A respectively now, high-pressured IGBT is odd piece compression already achieved 6500V, the working frequency upper limit of general IGBT is 20kHz ~ 40kHz, be based on break-through (the IGBT that PT) structure applies new technology to make, can work at 150kHz(hard switch) with) of 300kHz(soft switch.
The technical progress of IGBT is on-state pressing falls actually, sudden switch and tall compression ability 3 person eclectic. As craft and configuration different, IGBT is in process of development of 20 years of histories, have the following kinds of kinds: Break-through (PT) , blame break-through (NPT) , soft break-through (SPT) , channel water transport end with electric field (FS) .
Carborundum SiC is the good stuff of chip of power semiconductor device, its advantage is: Forbidden band temperature of wide, job is high (can amount to 600 ℃ ) , thermal stability resistor of good, on-state function of small, heat conduction compression of knot of minimum of good, leakage current, PN is advanced, be helpful for making a semiconductor device of high temperature resistant high frequency high-power.
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