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The evolution of industry of Chinese power source appears shape and analysis
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Power source includes electronic power source and chemical physics power supply, the article basically introduces electronic power source. Electronic power source is planted to public electrified wire netting or some namely electric energy undertakes alternate and be controllinged, supply the power supply equipment of high grade electric energy to all sorts of load that use phone, have AC-AC shift, DC-DC commutation, AC-DC commutation, DC-AC commutation. The range that electronic power source involves has how old, view of the personage inside course of study is differ, the article is not made to this discuss, the power source equipment of the small-power in key introduction. Go to the lavatory to narrate, power source of the following abbreviation.
As a result of the extensive sex that power source product uses, the statistic of power source market is more difficult. Foreign some uses the produces computative power source yield of power parts of an apparatus. The power parts of an apparatus or appliance that sells in China and power source product comparative to be imported from abroad partly, and sale channel is very much, the statistic of market of domestic power source is more accordingly difficult, the case that the article provides offers reference only.
The development history of industry of Chinese power source
The dimensions of industry of Chinese power source can divide a development phase, according to the data of statistic of former Ministry of Electronic Industry and data, can draw the outline of goes out roughly development outline.
The first phase is before 1976, it is the primary level that industry of Chinese power source develops.
Liberate previously, the power source industry of our country is basic it is blank, the small business of only accumulator, dry cell. 50 time as built large quantities of one state-owned companies, mix as electronic industry raw material, former parts of an apparatus overall industrial development, power source product also from do not have have. There were 2 plants 1959 one school produces 5 kinds of norms many 1600 power source. To 1976, through development of 17 years, already developed 26 plants, 34 breed, 52 norms, many 33000 power source. Manufacturing unit grows 8.7 times, breed standards increases 10.4 times, output grows 20.2 times. The first phase from do not have have, although growth rate is rapidder, the scope of power source industry is very little still.
The 2nd phase is 1977-1989 year, it is industry of Chinese power source preliminary expand period.
This one phase is the initial stage of our country reforming and opening, economic construction is accelerated stage by stage, power source industry also enters rapid growth stage by stage period. Power source produced an enterprise to already developed 171 1989, product standards 340 a variety of, produce per year power source many 540 thousand. Manufacturing company measure grows 6.6 than 1976 times, breed grows 10 times, output grows 16.4 times.
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