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Frame type and modular the two development direction of UPS
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Frame type and modular the two development direction that is UPS, when reporter and a few friends speak of this respect topic, some friends lack understanding to this, some even will both confuse sth with sth else. In fact, frame type and modular it is two things at all.

Frame type UPS is defined from exterior structure, opposite at traditional vertical (tower type) the structure, advocate if can be installed,be in standard machine ark. Its generation originates its ask to layout of space of computer room whole suit. Equipment of server, network used frame type structure, install in standard machine ark, if UPS still uses traditional vertical (tower type) structure, need to take up deposit a space alone, both neither is beautiful wasteful. If construction of type of make it frame, on the surplus space that is put in machine ark, become an organic whole with laden equipment conformity, can reach overall arrangement of concise computer room, increase dimensional utilization rate, convenient concentration the purpose such as monitoring and management, make systematic whole type mobile become a possibility.

Economic cover an area of area and dimensional; to facilitate installation, use reach maintain the power with shorter; join cable, dependability is advanced the main good point that makes frame type UPS. Additional, the integral sex respect of the facility that we have to protect from it and place will consider its advantage, the intelligence of UPS is changed and can manage a gender stronger and stronger, frame type UPS and government be unitied by the concentration of protective equipment can produce an advantage more and more easily, asking to management taller and taller, maintain cost more and more get paying close attention to today, the value of centralized management is even more overt also.

Modular UPS is the principle respect from design and job will tell, its itself (namely module) it is an UPS, include by-pass switch of rectifier, inverter, static state and accessary control circuit, CPU advocate accuse board. Compare with traditional UPS photograph, its biggest advantage is the dependability that can improve a system and usability, because occurrence breakdown of a module does not affect the regular job of other module, and can be heated up insert unplug character can shorten greatly systematic installation and repair time. Besides, modular UPS can be brought to the user better but expansibility (some products need not restrict module amount to undertake paralell connection use, and the module of identical or different power can combine) arbitrarily, this also reached very good protection action since the investment for the user.

Sum up, economic space, facilitating management is frame type and modular the advantage place with collective UPS. What what differ is, machine the small-power in wearing type UPS to often be in centrally, and modular UPS can achieve very great power through paralell connection.
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