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Shallow the development trend that talks about power source industry and power s
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The development of technology of electric power electron drove the development of power source technology, and the expanded to promote power source industry effectively development of power source technology. Up to now power source manufacturing industry already made very essential base industry, apply extensively at each branches, its develop a trend to be: Continue to be changed toward high frequency, efficient, high density, liquefaction of low pressure, big report and diversity development. And enclose structure, over all dimension with each passing day international standardization, in order to get used to the requirement of global unifinication market, make power source industry enters an international market then.
Technology of electric power electron already developed become complete, the high-tech that fastens from adult is scientific, and the category that power source technology attributes skill of electric power electron again. One of main use of power source technology are to be Information Industry service. IT (IT) development raised taller requirement again to power source technology, promoted the development of power source technology thereby, both the Information Industry that supplemented each other to just nowadays develops flourishingly and power source industry. Be participated in from what daily life cannot leave power source technology to the most most advanced science and support, and power source technology and property are right the level that raises labor productivity of a nation, increase specific power consumption of unit of a state namely yield level, have decisive effect. And in advanced nation of this respect our country and world far apart, regard a power source as worker, should not only bureau be confined to finishs current own job, still must be searched in time through all sorts of news channel and master power source skill the newest development of yuan of parts of an apparatus related newest development direction and power source, raw material is dynamic, absorb domestic and international advanced filmy technology, thick film craft, compositive chemical industry in time art etc, only such ability designs give the top-ranking power source product on the world.

One, quickness develops to diversity technology
Power source is the main equipment that commutation of implementation electric energy and power deliver, it is content of a kind of technology bizygomatic breadth of tall, knowledge, change fast product. This product nowadays uses agriculture, the sources of energy, communication extensively already, carry, the domain such as information, aviation, spaceflight, shipping, national defence, education, culture. In current information age, afore-mentioned all trades and professions develop in swift and violent singularly, development while raised the requirement with taller more to power source industry again. Like material of report of energy-saving, section, section, shrink body, decrease heavy, prevent pollution, improvement environment, reliable, safety. This forces power source worker to be explored ceaselessly in process of power source research and development, seek all sorts of relevant technologies, make product of eligible power source, in order to satisfy the requirement of all trades and professions, the high speed that drove relevant technology aeriformly again thereby develops. And the development that because the high speed of these technologies develops,promoting power source industry again. Industry of current power supply occupies the product category of dominant position to have: All sorts of linear kind regulated power supply; Communication uses AC - DC switch power source; DC - DC switch power source; Communicate frequency control power source; Electroanalysis eletroplate power source; Commutate of type of high frequency inversion solders power source; Intermediate frequency induction adds pyroelectricity source; Electric power handles power source; Power source of sine wave inversion; High-power is high frequency high-pressured dc regulated power supply; Green lighting power source; Chemical power source; UPS power source; The power source of inversion of smooth hot season of reliable and efficient low pollution; Scene is complementary model power source. And the technology related to power source has: Technology of high frequency commutation; Power changes a technology; Digitlization controls a technology; Technology of commutation of completely syntonic and high frequency soft switch; Synchronous commutate technology; High intelligence changes a technology; A lot of electromagnetism is compatible and relevant technology; Multiform power factor is corrective technology; All sorts of protection technologies; Paralell connection all sheds control technology; Technology of wide modulation of arteries and veins; All sorts of frequency control technologies; All sorts of intelligence monitor a technology; All sorts of intelligence are changed charge technology; Personal computer controls a technology; All sorts of compositive change a technology; Network technology; Multiform drive technology and advanced engineering technology.
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