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Xu Ji: Break monopoly of abroad of dc transmit electricity
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When preexistence bound market of the biggest dc transmit electricity is in China, go up to make this one market is written " China is own " 4 words, xuji prepared 20 years fully.

"Dc transmit electricity is world developed country serves as the important step that solves power transmission of tall voltage, high capacity, Sunday run and asynchronous couplet net. Its size is large, ability of the transmit electricity below coequal voltage grade is communication transmit electricity 3 to 5 times; The distance is far, transmission distance achieves 1200 kilometer, one times longer than alternating current; Still have in addition take up transmit electricity corridor capacity of small, transmit electricity is adjustable can accuse to wait for an advantage. " Wang Dingguo of head of department of science and technology of the group that command follow tells a reporter, "Our country is carrying out ' on the west report east send ' in old structure, project of dc transmit electricity is indispensable. Project of dc transmit electricity is indispensable..

But master in ABB, Xi Menzi, AVERA only before the crucial technology of dc transmit electricity in hand of big company of equipment of power of 3 home appliance. "This makes the product value that abroad sells us strange tall, the dc on the market, alternating current controls the cost of screen not to differ to cross 23 times, price difference was achieved however 7 to 10 times! " Wang Dingguo says, accept technical restriction, past home company participates in the qualification that project of project of dc transmit electricity bids to be done not have repeatedly.

Of broken bureau change only then last year in May, the with one action that command follow wins the bid expensive wide Ⅱ returns the value in dc project 6. 5.7 billion yuan " control protects facility " and " change facilities of substance drifting a powerful person " supply agreement, this is the value is the largest order since Xu Jijian stands not only, also be throughout history the first with in the project of dc transmit electricity that just is dominant.

Hard-earned of this one achievement. "From ' 75 ' begin, we hold to be out of pocket to have the research of respect of technology of dc transmit electricity all the time, around invests capital 2289 yuan. " Wang Dingguo is gratified the ground tells a reporter, 20 old effort already obtained get one's own back, at present Xu Ji has the dc of multinomial and complete own intellectual property to control protection system technology, function achieved international advanced level, and built the team of high level professional of a 60 much person, make a technology go up with equipment from engineering design technology, chinese company can assume dc transmit electricity completely already to control protection system design, whole set to offer goods and project service alone.

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