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Brand of couplet home UPS sells division China cicada 10 Lian Guan
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From the point of global trend, IT key application is very exuberant still to the demand of UPS, the user is more strict also to the requirement of UPS quality and energy-saving environmental protection, technology of high-end high-power UPS becomes competitive key. China is moving toward world front row step by step in domain of technology of high-end high-power UPS.
On Feburary 26, sai Di adviser was released " market of UPS of 2007 year China considers to report " , the report shows: Manufacturer of power source of UPS of Chinese native land high end and provider -- division China company was developed in the market 2007 and high speed growth is achieved on product sale, before the body of market share ascend of product of UPS of high-power of its high end 3 armour, selling increase rate is to force continuously more 200% , with the outstanding achievement of arrogant person, the person that become the be the acknowledged leader with Chinese UPS unquestionable market, with a few macrocosm in sale and market share brand of 500 strong companies is the same as a the first a group of people of same interest. The report shows at the same time, rely on advantage of high-end high-power technology, brand of UPS of home of couplet of division Hua Chan sells 10 years of hats, become native land UPS get army enterprise.
2007, be immersed in in whole UPS industry " the Red Sea " below market environment, division China goes against the raise on city, came true to leap to what head a company from the first a group of people of same interest. Tall the backside that grow, it is the promotion of ability of company itself operation. All the time since, division China company devotes oneself to to be aimed at UPS domain difficult problem of technology of sex of decisive, foundation, have the scientific research positive result that has fundamental application perspective continually systematization, form a complete set is changed change research development with the project, quicken pace of UPS industry innovation. The technology with long-term course is accumulated and the market is accumulated, the integral competition ability of division China is highlighted. Compare at well-known trademark of a lot of abroad, the product of same quality, advantage of value of division China product is clear; Same price, the product function of division China and service capacity advantage are clear. 2007, division China company promotes in the power of high-end UPS and apply a domain to continue to come true to span greatly.
Regard domestic UPS as the person that the technology of the industry precedes, division China takes the way of own research and development since founding day, be in in the person that high-end product becomes the outstanding in domestic manufacturer on the control of high-power UPS technology and application especially. Product of division China UPS gets Wu of bank, safe, negotiable securities, duty, make, the industry user large-scale such as the sources of energy, government, traffic, communication applies and approbate, can say its sturdy own innovation strategy and deep market accumulated the successful profit from of division China 2007. In the meantime, in the experience of these industry application ceaseless transplanting arrives rising market. It is reported, division China is in 7 years " Olympic Games economy " the increase rate of brought rising market is 37.5 % . The affirmation that this second report also is good to division China progress and approbate.
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