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2008 formulate mandatory standard of industry of bearing of a batch of instrumen
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Near future of committee of national standardization management to " countrywide industry procedure is measured standardize committee with control (TC124) " of make known to lower levels metric system trimmed plan 2008 in, have " pressure / difference pressing changes send implement safe requirement " , " but safety of process designing controller asks " , " electromagnetism flowmeter safety asks " wait for more than 30 mandatory national level. This adumbrative country will strengthen the requirement that monitor in the safe respect of appearance product. Product safety has become current technical heat. The TC66 of IEC of international Electrotechnical Committee had established international standard, namely IEC61010 " measure control and lab electric equipment safety asks " . The main demand of our country general according to international standard, part by the product the safe state level of formulate correspondence. Once the standard approves announce follow in a continuous line, bring into a country likely mandatory the limits of attestation. According to dispatch, TC124 is being contacted in the production enterprise of preparation and relevant product, by the enterprise leading organization standard drafts a working group, finish the drafting job of national level jointly.