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Matrix frequency conversion with distinct advantage occupational market
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Come for years, electric drive expert is discussing all the time about " matrix alternates " whether can technical transducer become next generation transducer. Because matrix type is handed in - hand in transducer leave out intermediate dc link, can absorb any voltaic clutter not only, also can offer a clean output voltage, that is to say " undertake an input effectively | Control of manostat electric current and output voltage are controlled " . It can realize power factor to be L, input electric current is sine and can 4 quadrant move, power density of the system is big, can come true light quantify. Another attracts a particle is matrix transducer take out dc capacitance, matrix transducer can long reliable job. A few main transmission suppliers include An Chuan, Fuji, Luo Kewei Er, Xi Menzi actively studied this technology. However public opinion thinks however: " bastinado of shallow S of crab of smile of Di of lamp of Gan of an insect destructive of the roots of seedlings of Yan an ancient small-mouthed wine vessel says to boil Lei of take along sth to sb of cowardly of dust   to kill the matrix with inchoate   of? of deceive of τ of  of pray of peach of orangutan of  of Ao of carapace of flatter of ㄔ of a kind of sedge of  of blame  be favored with then the circuit develop of transformer of matrix of transformer research   attacks form, the matrix form that Italian scholar M.Venturini and A.Alesina offerred to be comprised by 9 power switch above all 1979 is handed in - make transformer structure, point out what adjust arbitrarily to the horn of power input element of matrix type transformer is OK, but discover this kind of transformer is put in inherent limit later, gain of the biggest voltage is 0.866, and with control algorithm has nothing to do. They gave out systematically first the mathematical analysis of character of low frequency of matrix type transformer, and put forward " matrix of low frequency modulation " concept. In the meantime, they put forward the modulation algorithm of transformer of type of a kind of matrix, be called " direct transfer function " method. J.Rogriguez was matrix type transformer the fictitious join of a commutator and inverter in theoretic equivalent 1983, and wide modulation of will traditional arteries and veins (Pwm) technology applies at respectively " fictitious commutator " and " fictitious inverter " on, undertake modulation to two-way switch, the transmission that achieves energy thereby and pass on, this kind of method also is called " indirect transfer function " method. High capacity of matrix transformer requirement and frequency of high speed switch are had two-way the power parts of an apparatus or appliance that passes ability, still ask to have the microprocessor that handles ability quickly to regard control as unit at the same time, and these are inchoate craft and technical level place are achieved hard. Accordingly, the research of inchoate matrix transformer is in theory to study level mostly, very rare face the research with real industry. Matrix transformer plan improves   to control ceaseless development of the technology as technology of electric power electron and personal computer, the research work of matrix transformer is taken seriously by people place more and more, control the inadequacy in plan to solve M.Venturini and A.Alesina, early or late many scholars undertook to matrix transformer a series of research works, offerred different control program from different point of view. If American scholar T.A.Lipo, D.G.Holemes offerred means of modulation of PWM of control of a kind of electric current communication, this method basis the matrix of switch transfer function of transformer by electric current successive condition, decompose its for a certain number of matrix heft, fasten computation through cent, synthesize gotten modulation matrix finally. P.D.Ziogas put forward kind of indirect PWM to control a method, its are overall train of thought is will input voltage above all " rectification " , produce a fictitious dc return, press the frequency inversion of need next, the output tension that gets a PWM inverter that is similar to a model thereby is undee. These research overcame M.Venturini basically to control the defect of plan, factor of output report pressure ratio, power and respect of character of input electric current were obtained improve very well, but the part that also is put in a few inadequacy, if the plan of P.D.Ziogas outputs frequency,limitation is in 300Hz is the following, certain the efficiency of plan is not quite advanced defect.

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