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China is the biggest generate electricity enterprise " energy-saving strategy "
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National China can the group announces formally recently: Chinese head " carbon dioxide of coal fired power plant catchs collect demonstrative project " will build at coming true before the Olympic Games 2008 join movement, catch the success give the first batch of carbon dioxide.

In the meantime, "3 years in, china can all ammunition power plant will build the group entirely managing environmental protection enterprise, to 2010, the 2 oxidation sulfur of unit electricenergy production, soot discharge achieve international entirely banner level. " China can group controller says.

As Chinese installed capacity the biggest, world ranks the group of large electric power of the 4th, china can the group established him to be in with his development dimensions and speed not only of electric power domain get army position, more the responsibility that goes up in energy-saving environmental protection with oneself and as, won " respect " look.

53 million tons: An enterprise brings " energy-saving daydream " specific power consumption and discharge index to drop -- China can energy-saving decrease a platoon to move real

At the beginning of 2008, make in ice and snow of popular feeling care " of coal fired urgent " , drain resource of our country coal in great quantities, how the task such as natural resources of effective and managing use energy, place outstandingly before the people of the whole country again.

Also be in same time, a figure that electric power domain announces caused not little attention: By coal consumption of actual power supply calculated power plant of Hua Nengyu annulus 2007, with the whole nation photograph of coal consumption of average power supply is compared, power plant of Hua Nengyu annulus 4 aircrew annual but little use up coal of 1.38 million tons of standard.

This " province " the number that come down, be equivalent to 3. The carry coal of skin of 70 thousand trains is measured, those who be equal to annual of aircrew of two 350 thousand kilowatt with coal.

The fact that deserves attention is far more than hereat:

Be in Beijing, china can Beijing heat and power plant used the water in the city to regard a power plant as cooling water above all in home, the section water of annual is as high as 12 million tons, be equivalent to the water quantity of 2 Kunming lake.

In each district, china can include " 1000 enterprises are energy-saving the action " the finishing amount that year of plant of 18 home appliance discloses a target amounts to 242 % , in all energy-saving coal of 1 million tons of standards...

Each tiny independent number condenses, got together the fact of a hearten making a person: According to authoritative statistic result, 2007 China can the power supply coal consumption of the group is 337. Kilowatt hour of 37 gram / -- this number is smaller than average level of whole nation of of the same age close kilowatt hour of 20 gram / .
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