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Shanghai Xiaogen is electric limited company
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Shanghai company of group of development of international of favour of shellfish of Hong Kong of department of electric limited company is in Xiaogen Shanghai solely invested enterprise. The production that major is engaged in ark of manostat of high-power electric power, transformer and ark of the distribution that be not mark, line of make a present of, batteries ark is made. The product is used extensively atElectric power, Spin, Presswork, Medical treatment, Computer, The metal machines equipmentWait for all need to use electric room.

Come for years, the company takes the client's consummate aim all the time, won the client's reliance and support with superior quality. Main user has the product: Channel of sightseeing of travel of person of river of yellow riverside of Shanghai major project, Shanghai town planning reveals Bell of house, Shanghai, Shanghai Wu Song waterworks of porcelain of Beijing of De Erfu of rate, Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai, can friendly fine essence machine, Taichun essence machine. To get used to the actual condition of domestic electrified wire netting, the company develops new product ceaselessly, provide special service according to diverse demand of the client at any time.

Xiaogen company general as always, withIts outstanding character, high-class service, ceaseless dedication at each clients, flourish of one flourish all, pursue in all development.

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