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Bai Yun is electric facility plant
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Bai Yun is electric facility plant is our country major is engaged in production of electric power manostat, transformer, booster managing model enterprise. The company has passed attestation of ISO9001.2000 quality system now. The company returns the famous brand product such as machine of distribute representative UPS, EPS, dehumidify. Dongguan, Suzhou creates office spot now, establish point of sale after service in and other places of Shenzhen, Xiamen, Beijing.
As the development of modern science and technology, the branch such as industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research, post and telecommunications, hospital and national defence is right the demand of quality of power supply of electrified wire netting is higher and higher. It is the on the rails that ensures industry is produced, what scientific research works is successful begin, urgent need capacity big, loss is undee and low, lack fidelity small reach the high grade regulated power supply with stabilized voltage tall precision. The stabilized voltage appliance of production of institute of electric facility plant has Bai Yun pressure regulating limits precision of wide, stabilized voltage is tall, efficient, short, life grows time of small loss, meet an emergency, moving on the safe side, use, safeguard convenient wait for an advantage. Apply to voltage of all electrified wire netting flabby the device using phone that reachs voltage of pair of electrified wire netting to have high demand.
The person that the company does poineering work has the manufacturing management that abounds 10 years and client marketing experience. From build begin, bai Yun is mixed at abundant scientific research force with respect to base oneself upon good client base. Up to now, bai Yun's electric power sales volume of firm, booster already evened more many 10 thousand, ground of on the safe side moves at the disparate industry of countrywide each district, get the recognition of the user. Bai Yun is electric all over not only sell countrywide each district, and already had the outstanding achievement that sells abroad.
The company produces field to amount to 8000 more than square metre at present, the employee that is engaged in producing firm, booster 50 more than person, among them scientific research and project technology personnel are occupied 85% ; All ready labour furnish has, make the product of white cloud company is in an industry all the time lead position. To make Bai Yun's product allows an user more be at ease, we are divided guide freely to equipment installation superintend and director, responsible equipment is enlightened debug, guarantee freely reach one year execute lifelong maintenance besides, distributing in countrywide each district have handle affairs orgnaization, in order to ensure our after service job can reach the designated position in time, satisfy the acceptance to the user adequately.
Bai Yun is electric will continue to grasp hold " beg with quality live, rely on management to fall cost " tenet, serve better at the social beneficial result with client, favorable creation, bai Yun wishs to innovate in all with you of the century brilliant.
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