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Shanghai force all stabilized voltage equipment creates limited company
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Shanghai force all stabilized voltage equipment creates limited company, it is from the plan system issues the new-style domestic joint ventures that turns to make and be become one, this enterprise has abundant technical power, reliable product quality reachs perfect after service system. Our company win each award such as province city, country for many times.
"Establish high aspirations, achieve power source gem " , " we should make best power supply " the development concept that is a company, with " consumer is a center " , " develop the market for forerunner with famous brand " the management guiding principle that is a company. The modern industry that makes in ceaseless development innovation company development makes high-tech and tie of photograph of tall economic benefits. The company is acted on " respect course of study to be realistic, innovation is developed " brand-new management concept serves at whole society.
The product that the company produces has: Communication regulated power supply, straightPower source of galvanic source, inversion, purify UPS of power source, interference rejection power source, UPS, microcomputer to amend form without contact more than 30 series such as regulated power supply, charger, booster, transformer, electrical micro-machine, transducer, breaker, energy-saving lamp, nearly 100 breed, all products all by accept insurance of People's Insurance Company of China.
As a result of the rapid development of science and technology, taller and taller to the requirement of the each technology function of electric power manostat, the company is on the foundation of primary groovy product, join the use case of all sorts of equipment that use phone, the design produced of all kinds and different special manostat.
Our company already passed ISO9001 now: 2000 character run a system, will go to like afterwards, with good quality, all-around service, ceaseless dedication at each users, wish with oneself very hard, those who exchange you one minute is satisfactory! Wish to cooperate sincerely on the career with you, achieve again brilliant!