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Shanghai brightness enlighten electric limited company
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Shanghai brightness enlighten electric limited company is development of a market, sale, technical service is company of power source of high-tech of an organic whole, come below the support of all circles and help for years, via the joint efforts of company staff, company already made delectable success in power source industry. Cooperative unit pervades the much territory such as post and telecommunications, bank, medical treatment, petrifaction, army and each courtyard school, with manufacturer of domestic abroad famous power source and system compositive company has good cooperation.

At present company advocate battalion has fire control of power source of screen of power source of UPS UPS, inversion, dc, frequency conversion, transducer, regulated power supply, EPS to answer power source, accumulator, company still has technology of one ability high quality to serve a team, press for you need to make offer solution of overall power supply.

The company is had quite actual strength, enjoy good reputation in power source industry, the company sold a center to form network of a powerful sale, rich client concern was gathered in be managed for a long time, obtained the result of arrogant person.

Shanghai muddy enlighten electric limited company is held to with sincere letter, deal with concrete matters relating to work, guiding principle, wish to be entered in all hand in hand with you, achieve in all bright tomorrow.