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Shanghai force friend is electric limited company
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Shanghai force friend is electric limited company is one basically is engaged in electric power, communication, automation controlling the product such as the system to development is developed and produce the company of new and high technology of treatment. College of company above sea and scientific research place are a technology to rely on, gathered together the outstanding talent of a batch of in the prime of one's life. The product that company research and development produces has each old series direct current source, hand in power source of dc regulated power supply, inversion, car to carry transformer of manostat of inverter, electric power, segregation, frequency conversion power source, army article power source and appearance of of all kinds instrument and but equipment of second birth energy. Company product applies Yu Yu extensively now boat, for military use, big in the respect such as control of equipment of instrument of microcomputer, medical treatment, communication, power station equipment, industry, the user spreads all over countrywide each district.

Accompanying the arrival of 21 centuries, the company will devote oneself to to be with talent and technology further rely on, develop technical achievement industrialization energetically, it is a purpose in order to satisfy special requirement of the client, move in the guidance of system of attestation of ISO9001 international character below, will satisfy the need of broad user with good quality and reasonable price.