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Shanghai elite manostat creates limited company
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Production limited company of Shanghai elite manostat is the well-known company that domestic major produces equipment of regulated power supply, compete in the market, the reform of superior bad discard is able to develop again in tide expand, become have quite design level, scale of production and the modern industry business that sell capacity.

As the talent introduce, technical development, drove production to fly development, my company introduces foreign advanced technique and device since reforming and opening, various high-power compensates manufacturing volume manostat of type electric power, at the same time development goes those who get used to state of domestic power supply the function that most advanced, energy-saving, efficient manostat takes intelligence to change, pass special interface apply, direct on computer screen remote control, each electric data of telemetering regulated power supply, achieve equipment management. Still can produce purify interference rejection manostat and without manostat of electric power of formula of contact maintenance-free compensation.

Quality has the honor to win what national level monitors an orgnaization to approbate. Obtain Shanghai technology to supervise qualification of bureau electron product quality supervision and inspection, and pass attestation of system of ISO9001-2000 international quality, my company builds comprehensive quality guarantee system strictly according to ISO9001-2000 international standard, also assured thereby " elite " card set product all accords with production of standard of JB/T7620-94 of People's Republic of China. Face 21 centuries, our determination is not negative people's expectations, indefatigable effort, ceaseless use new and high technology, development develops manostat new breed, the power facilities that is China makes contribution.