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Equipment of steady power supply creates limited company on Shanghai
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Production limited company of equipment of steady power supply is Shanghai appearance accuses on Shanghai (group) company (bureau of former Shanghai appearance) subordinate enterprise. The manostat that has more than 40 years of histories produces base, it is the company of a few old brand with only state. Product quality force of reliable, technology is abundant, have giant after service center. It is to come to Shanghai for years of famous brand be at ease product. Sanitation of the big, medium, small business in the whole nation, medicine, post and telecommunications, chemical industry and high-level dweller residence and branch of national high official, all use my factory product. Task of export foreign aid is frequent, south America, Africa, Asia. Mention " Bai Yulan " , " firm word " card, in enjoy taller reputation domestic and internationally.
We are aimed at the new technology in manostat industry, new issue is mixed in ceaseless development research. Make the product of manostat is updated ceaselessly, successive, satisfy the client's requirement completely.
Equipment of steady power supply creates limited company on Shanghai, the product that be at ease, good service, the banner effect of old company has in the industry.