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In plain limited company of electric science and technology
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In plain limited company of electric science and technology is founded 1988, it is production of all kinds regulated power supply, purify equipment of fittings of UPS of power source, UPS, computer, communication to wait for business of mainstay of mechanical and electrical products, existing employee 1018 people, project technology personnel 118 people, workshop covers an area of a face to accumulate 11322 square metre, total assets amounts to many yuan 8000. Company of many 130 sale and agency of engage by special arrangement are set in the whole nation, in Hong Kong, middle east enlighten do obeisance to and other places to set agency, built sale network, department to cross the country, state that crosses a region in and other places of South America, southeast Asia at the same time large company.

In recent years, the UPS UPS that my department produces and purify power source product of two old series is to jump house country banner level more, have the honor to win national MII to receive net license, get the dependence of broad user and recognition, the company is successive and old be judged to be by upper concerned section " exit is achieved assemble advanced company " , " the large family that achieve duty " , " abide by contract keep good faith unit " , " enterprise of bank credit AAA " , " product of famous brand of China of series of regulated power supply " wait for a title.

We are willing " serve sincerely to you, serious ground is responsible to you, make you hard satisfactory " , we more expect to be achieved in all with you brilliant.