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Potential of polycrystalline silicon market is tremendous
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Wait when electric power, coal, oil cannot second birth the sources of energy is in an emergency again and again, energy problem becomes the bottleneck that restricts international socioeconomy development increasingly, solar energy with its free from contamination, safe, defend simple, resource never dried up wait for a characteristic, be considered as the new energy resources with 21 the most important centuries. More and more countries begin to execute “ sunshine to plan ” , develop solar energy resource, seek the new power that economy expands. Natural resources of Chinese solar energy is very substantial, academic reserves is amounted to annual coal of 1.7 trillion tons of standards. The latent capacity that development of solar energy resource uses is very capacious. China is located in the Northern Hemisphere, distance of north and south and thing distance are in 5000 kilometers above. On China's vast land, having rich solar energy resource. Most area year quantity of average day radiate is in every square metre above of 4 kilowatt hour, quantity of Tibetan day radiate is highest amount to every to average meter of 7 kilowatt hour. Year sunshine duration is more than 2000 hours. Compare with the other country posture that is the same as latitude, with American close, get primely than Europe, Japan much, have tremendous development potential consequently.

In market of international smooth hot season of tremendous potential drive below, the manufacturing industry of smooth hot season of each country contends for agree with each other to enter gigantic endowment, enlarge production, in order to argue position. China uses up the 2nd big country as world energy resources not exceptional also. The smooth hot season that extends with break out of the bitter fleabane on international generates electricity to be compared, china lags behind at developed country 10-15 year, lag behind at India apparently even. But, industry of Chinese smooth hot season with annual the rate of 30% rises.

From 20 centuries since 80 time, production of cell of global smooth hot season is annual with 30% increase by degrees to the speed of 40% . Industry of whole light bend over appeared to demand exceeds supply to terminal product from raw material situation, structure of peculiar ” of “ seller's market is formed inside alive bound limits. 1% what solar energy market takes global energy market at present, reckon value restrains 7 billion dollar every year. According to Europe but commission of second birth energy considers to report, 8% what solar energy industry will take global energy market 2030. As the bitter fleabane of science and technology suddenly develops, of solar energy use, the use of industrial silicon is more and more extensive, wait for a respect from the deoxidizer that is used at producing iron and steel of silicon aluminium alloy, smelt, develop to be used at producing field of industry of the chemistry such as material of organic silicon, semiconductor, electron, applied scale also is changing ceaselessly.
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