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The applied technology of transducer!
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  As the large-scale project application of transducer, have each technical grade and other the many engineering personnel of relevant technology level needs to master transducer application technology. For example common and electric worker; For example primary and electric engineer; For example mechanical engineer. In the meantime, transducer applies increasingly also in all sorts of complex project environments, all sorts of groovy technologies in book often solve the special problem in transducer application hard. The article is based on a stage to amount to transducer of brand KG series, in the light of 3 transducer application the problem gives out the analysis of principle sex designs a technology. Actually project of transducer of applicable also other applies technical principle condition.

   2Technology of transducer interference rejection

  The interference problem of transducer, perplex a lot of clients all the time, reach a few common interference here eliminate a method, the introduction gives authority:

   2.1Common interference way

  (1) means of the radiate in sky. Travel in sky with the means of electromagnetic wave.

(2) circuit spreads way. Basically carry power supply | Manostat network travels.

(3) space induction means. The electric magnetic induction that inductance produces or the static electric induction that capacitance produces pass the means of space induction to travel.

   2.2Violate a source eliminate

  (1) the dc welder of high frequency high-power should be far from transducer. The ground connection Ying Liang of electric welder oneself is good.

(2) of electro-magnet connect contact to should add outfit RC dash forward wave absorb implement.

(3) install the contactor in same report ark with transducer, want eliminate inferior goods. Want select switch low noise, destroy the product with arc good effect. Also should add outfit RC when necessary dash forward wave absorb implement.

(4) impedance of power supply source wants low, lest around have electric equipment of about a hundred kilowatt open stop, cause transducer to input voltage to produce exorbitant instantaneous mutation.

(5) the phase voltage of power supply source wants Ping Heng, lest bring about 220V,the transducer of single-phase input is in owe the job below the state that press or controls too.

(6) the initiative cable system to user factory, voltage of requirement output power source does not want ignore tall ignore low. Want to avoid mutation, want to stabilize.
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