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Electron yuan a few big characteristics of product of parts of an apparatus
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1, product category is much, breed is multifarious. The electronic product classification that weaves according to former electron ministry only and encode statistic, electron yuan parts of an apparatus has 206 except the product beyond integrated circuit kinds big 2519 group, among them electrovacuum parts of an apparatus 13 kinds big 260 group; Semiconductor schism parts of an apparatus (include parts of an apparatus of laser, photoelectron to wait) 18 kinds of big 379 group; Electronic component 17 major, 161 kinds of big 1284 group. Electronic material has 14 kinds of big 596 group.

2, professional strong, it is much discipline gather, produce technology of technology and manufacturing facilities, test and equipment, difference is very big. This is the difference between component of electrovacuum parts of an apparatus, semiconductor device, electron not only, in them each large category inside every industry, even difference is very big also between group, be like different indication parts of an apparatus, different element, the capacitor that differs namely, resistor, sensitive yuan of parts of an apparatus is different also, congener of course product is different level, also want different manufacturing technique and way, it is a kind of electron so yuan parts of an apparatus has a kind of product line, generation yuan product of parts of an apparatus has generation product line namely; If some major are produced multilayer printed circuit board industry need increases new facility every year.

3, whole set sex and into series. This is by overall electronic line, frequency Duan Hepin leads the requirement of the characteristic, precision, function, power, condition that store and uses and environment, service life to decide.

4, investment intensity difference is big, different period difference is very big also, especially scale of production, product n is different, to producing condition, production the environment asks to differ. Belong to new and high technology among them, its invest the product that wants dimensions to turn big production again dimensions compares " 85 during " already raised an amount level, chang Da with 100 million dollars plan, lowest also is in 50 million dollar; And another some of product, although technical difficulty is tall also, crop is finite, equipment automation is inferior, its investment intensity is small also much.

5, every kinds of electron yuan the development law that parts of an apparatus and its industry have his to differ, but they and electron the development of overall, system, incorporate electronic technology, closely related the development that overall structure, report installs engineering technology, become one to one correspondence relation. But go up in industrial development, no matter be electronic parts and overall between the system, of all kinds still electron yuan between parts of an apparatus, it is to be promoted each other, restrict each other.

New-style electron yuan parts of an apparatus was reflected mix now henceforth electron yuan parts of an apparatus to high frequency change, piece type is changed, miniature is changed, despise model change, low power comsumption, answer rate fast, high resolution, high accuracy, high power, muti_function, component is changed, compound change, modular, intelligence.
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