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Ridge cereal electric machinery plans to produce film capacitor in sri lanka
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Industry of ridge cereal electric machinery, the film capacitor that is used at eliminating voltaic cacophony at beginning to be produced in sri lanka inside August. Because bought the plant of FDK, 3 years the total investment between will reach 2 billion yen about henceforth. This factory will be the manufacturer of power source equipment such as India to offer money. Henceforth inside 3 years will with brunt Dongguan factory (Guangdong is saved) total productivity raises 66 % , return at the same time aggrandizement the production of whole Asia area is mixed sale ability.

This company invested 2.3 million dollar to buy be located in sri lanka western two factories of the FDK optical component of Katunayake. For the production of film capacitor, filmy machine mixes the will new plating that gain steam to solder automatically device and detect equipment.