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The car carries multimedia sensor to carry fast
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The growth that holds multimedia market as prospective China car will put delay, but in active safety the exuberant demand drive of systematic application falls, chinese sensor market will rise considerably.

King benevolence shake expresses analyst of Isuppli car electron, application will become electronic industry to grow the next to help motive force importantly related car electron. In car Ic37 of China, although measure of foreign capital industry is little, but the half of country that held Chinese car Ic37 however. In Chinese car market drive strong, more and more foreign capital enterprises increased the investment of research and development to Chinese market, to enterprise of Chinese car electron, since good luck, it is a challenge. Prospective China car carries multimedia market growth to will put delay, but in active safety the exuberant demand drive of systematic application falls, chinese sensor market will rise considerably.

Foreign capital enterprise presents as leading role Chinese car Ic37

With truckload the fluctuant photograph of market sales volume is compared, the cycle of research and development of car electron is longer, its growth is more accordingly steady also. Predict Ic37 general can reach Chinese car 2008 13.5 billion dollar, 19.4% grow on 2007 foundations.

Of Chinese car electron from estate company measure experience passes twice to erupt. It is for the first time in 2001-2002 year, be in namely enter WTO around. Car import tariff drops from the 200%-220% 10 years ago the 80%-90% at that time, after joining WTO inside 5 years fall finally 25% . Predict the hot market of car component, a lot of enterprises enter car Ic37. This one period, measure of car electron industry erupts the gender grew 800 above. 2002, car electron sale of China reachs 2.3 billion dollar.

The 2nd times the amount erupts is in 2006-2007 year. What because the car carries message,the market holds after multimedia application is advanced is arisen, numerous manufacturer, especially a few consume kind of multimedia equipment manufacturer neatly, rapid transition changes the line of production, outspread global market. To 2007 the end of the year, relevant plant business measure is close to 3000. Among them, the firm that provides a car to hold multimedia and navigation system is close to 900. This year, car electron sale of China reachs 11.3 billion dollar.

Main component is the car electron supplier on Chinese market 3 kinds: Foreign capital, joint-stock, indigenous industry. In nearly 3000 enterprises, the precede person on the market still is foreign capital enterprise, for example rich world, Deerfu, these company measures are occupied only 4.1% , but they were won however be more than the market share of 56.4% . Cancel pair of foreign capital as domain of component of our country car than limitation, “ foreign capital changes ” to make a trend in enterprise of joint-stock car component. The amount is maximum is indigenous industry, 80.2% what hold sum total, from the point of sale nevertheless they can be held only 32.3% .
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