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Alliance of famous sensor expert fort garrisons China
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Shanghai - - fort alliance group is in the sensor with banner international and systematic manufacturer now outskirt guesthouse held Shanghai on the west the theme is the “ new fertile soil, practice celebration that is the same as ascensive ” , announce fort alliance electron (Shanghai) limited company is formal practice. Fort alliance China held water in September 2006, aim to offer all fronts product of whole world of fort alliance reputation for Chinese market, after had entered a year of much elaborate preparation, its China subsidiary leaves ceremoniously eventually course of study. This company is first branch that fort alliance group establishs in China, also be a group in north inferior the mart of the area.

Regard global factory as the leader of automation and process automation domain, the footmark of fort alliance group spreads all over Europe, America and Asia each are main country, at present it already had nearly 2000 34 branches, stuff inside global limits. After a native land small company that produces micro-gap switch from original major arrives, sortie passes feeling technology domain, development to become internationally group company, 50 old successful experience make fort alliance group those who make a to the letter pass feeling technologist. And the product that fits to be offerred to different client better and service, fort alliance group develops the mainland that product system pays attention to very in the process to change in its, with custom-built those who accord with demand of native land client is high quality pass feeling technology. Nowadays, fort alliance electron (Shanghai) of limited company be full of the Oriental bazaar with business chance, swift and violent development this in order to show fort alliance group to China into base oneself upon take seriously, and the resolution that its intent implements a product to serve mainland to change in Chinese market.

“ China market in recent years the development fertile soil that develops to already made its made sensor flourishingly. Presiding apparitor Dr. OliverVietze of group of ” fort alliance goes up in practice celebration say: Of China of “ fort alliance hold water reach today's official start business, mean us to pass the high-tech what already got admissive inside international limits accurately high feeling technology to lead Chinese market, offer the most reliable product, high quality automation for Chinese client component and tall accurate automation system, at the same time we will join native land case of China, for client quantity body custom-built first-rate is passed feeling solution. ”

Fort alliance group passes feeling technology with its powerful technology capability and industrial automation celebrated, the product business of the group basically involves instrument of technology of control of sensor, sport, vision, process | Appearance and system sticking gum this 5 chunk; Its substantial product line covers each industries, if industry of every day object, medicine is mixed chemical industry and biology technology trade, petrifaction industry, carriage industry, warm opening air conditioning trade is his only etc can the one part of enumerate.
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