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Capacitor uses the application of car in report
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Super capacitor is dynamoelectric the environmental protection of optimal program —— that coach is modernization of urban public traffic, energy-saving, cost is low!
<P> one, the technical characteristic of super capacitor
The development success of <P> super capacitor is store can equipment (accumulator) revolution: Other store can equipment, it is by electric energy change becomes chemical energy, become electric energy by chemical energy change again, twice change energy has a loss, super capacitor charges directly, discharge directly again, energy form does not have change, energy also does not have a loss; Fill discharge efficiency to be as high as 98% , economic value is great, have 70% of plumbic acerbity batteries only.
<P> super capacitor is last centuries seventies end, a kind of occurrence product, it broke through traditional capacitor to devise an idea, capacitor raises farad level by microfarad class (microfarad of 1 farad =106) , innovation gives 1000 farad level super capacitor; To last century end, appeared early or late again 10, 000-100, the drawing of 000 farad super capacitor, from now on super capacitor begins to enter batteries application market, appeared super capacitor is dynamoelectric the new idea of the car, it with its superior performance, altered the traditional understanding of people, built brand-new traffic to carry the design idea of electric car.
<P> super capacitor is bigger than power, its character is: When charging, fill n big, fill n fast; When discharge, discharge amount is large, discharge quantity is fast. When electric car moves, start fast, quicken fast, climb slope strong, more acerbity than lead batteries is big 30 multiple, this is the property that electric car can use it is the most importantly to go up.
<P> super capacitor is smaller than energy, its character is: Coequal weight is super capacitor add sails course of development, it is the 1/3 of plumbic acerbity batteries only, this is super capacitor one big drawback. Super capacitor add sails course is short, run not far; But charge rate is rapid, can make up for add to sail the blemish with short course, remedial method is the both ends in urban traffic circuitry is built fill a power station, so super capacitor is dynamoelectric the add of the car sails course of development, need not accept restriction.
<P> 2, the advantage of super capacitor:
<P>1, super capacitor is green the sources of energy (activated carbon) , do not pollute an environment.
Life of <P>2, super capacitor is long (1-10 10 thousand) ; Life of plumbic acerbity battery is brief (500) , easy attaint, difficult managing, the 20~200 that is plumbic acerbity batteries times, can be the same as a destiny with equipment.
<P>3, super capacitor charges rate is rapid (0.3 seconds ~15 minute) ; Plumbic acerbity batteries charges time is long (5~8 hour) , a lot of batteries charge namely time is long, add sails course is short.
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