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Semiconductor industry invests: Card bureau moves to the Asia
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Suffer semiconductor to sell growth to put the influence of delay, global semiconductor investment is constrictive.

According to association of American semiconductor industry (the message of SIA) , as a result of the be a burden on of memory IC industry, predict semiconductor sold growth to put delay 2008, but integral semiconductor sale will maintain driving growth before 2011.

Company of Gartner of market survey orgnaization issues a report recently, because get,say American economy is low confuse and be a burden on of DRAM chip market, predict expenses of global semiconductor firm will drop 2008 19.8% , amount to 47.5 billion dollar. Predict DRAM market defray will decrease this year 47% , and expense of market of whole memory chip will decrease 29. Gartner still says, predict the whole world is used at chip equipment to make expenditure will decrease this year 17.4% . And global semiconductor encloses equipment spending to also will appear to be reduced substantially this year, predict to fall in 18.1% the left and right sides. Additional, defray of market of automatic test equipment also will be faced with semiconductor this year of 13% glide, glide extent is basic with kept balance last year.

Asia-Pacific market sells amplitude still not common. Organize according to statistic of global semiconductor trade (WSTS) announces data to show, in June 2008 sale of global semiconductor market relatively the corresponding period grew 12.2% last year. Among them rising market growth is rapidder, asia-Pacific area will reach 13.19 billion dollar in June, grow 17.6% compared to the same period; Japanese market rises 3% to amount to 4.28 billion dollar; European market rises 7.5% to amount to 3.99 billion dollar; American market rises 11.3% to come 4.06 billion dollar.

Analytic personage says, when economic situation is grim, install and safeguard semiconductor to produce establishment load too big, because the service is included outside this semiconductor,will not grow.

Report of Gartner newest research says, service revenue was wrapped to will grow 10.8% outside global semiconductor 2008. Global generation was versed in service revenue predicts to will reach 25.5 billion dollar 2008, grew 14.8% than the 22.2 billion dollar 2007. This market predicts to will continue to grow in the 3rd quarter. Semiconductor was assembled 2008 and check service revenue to will reach 21.9 billion dollar, grow 6.6% than the 20.6 billion dollar 2007

Inside course of study think generally, because Asia-Pacific area demand is clear, global semiconductor invests east the country that the bag outside the semiconductor such as Taiwan of land of the home in moving, China and Korea develops.

Recently, ground of in quick succession performed tycoon of semiconductor industry international to buy and, fractionation is again amalgamative recombine case. For example Intel of global rank first and rank the meaning law semiconductor of the 5th (ST) comes off respectively go out to shine severally put a branch, established shine newly put company Numonyx; Meaning law semiconductor and the wireless chip business with bilateral conformity of favour wisdom riverside establish new company ST-NXPWireless; Rank the Ying Feiling of the 6th to buy the mobile branch of LSI, wait for for sale of oneself memory branch fractionation.
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