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Manufacturer of Taiwan electron connector strives for the main position of the m
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The environment in computer kingdom is medium since industry of Taiwan electron connector is long-term growing healthy and strong, and the supreme headquarters that already made computer be produced with connector, get gradually the attention of the international market. The association of Taiwan electron connector of stimulative meeting ” upgrades as industry of “ electron connector before, combine manufacturer of 80 more than member to strive for position in global market for connector industry.

Association of Taiwan electron connector points out, portable electron product reachs the development of wireless communication industry, because CPU function, frequency is wide,promote ceaselessly, make connector industry must because answer trend and add the standards with new more and product, bring Taiwan connector industry new hope. But the change of technical administrative levels of connector product is very big also, if SMT is changed, O of / of fine span, tall I, high frequency, high quality requirement, more the ability that because answer,test connector manufacturer alters to technology, market, environment.

Because connector product is in,information industry is specific gravity extremely tall necessary 0 component, the concentrated level that at the same time its major technology reachs information no less than semiconductor, it is important to become development of Taiwan Information Industry to go up one of annulus.

Association of Taiwan electron connector is Taiwan group of industry of exclusive and professional connector, the yield related connector of Taiwan of invite to meet together, official, learn, grind to attend on behalf of more than 100 people, publish analysis of market of connector of “ whole world and the special subject that look into ” to study a report in the assembly room.

The predecessor of association of Taiwan electron connector upgrades for electronic connector industry stimulative meeting, stimulative meeting holds water at the Republic of China 82 years, by Dr. Li Fengming that just returns a country from abroad at that time ecbolic, reach labour to grind of the doctor in Li Li of the strong point before courtyard stuff place energetically support and drive below, combine connector of a few enthusiastic to make a firm, like benefit of beautiful of Taiwan Long Jie, name, emperor chemistry of firm, Zhuo Xin, stage roc, blessing is ascended, An Yu, Yi Da, Wei circle in the air, Qing Liang, bear dispatch of mine of day of abundant, Jin Li, Taiwan, glad, exchange the market and technical information each other with the means of the party, hold technical seminar and publication industry communication regularly, feeling of contact a person of same business, to Taiwan the industry developed connector to comparative the effectiveness of degree, participate in stimulative conference member to already grew nowadays more than 80.

This association currently holds the post ofchairman to be accurate industry () company president Xu Jilin, he changes stimulative meeting make for association of Taiwan electron connector, obtain legal person to locate, the hope is met of Wu run legalization, with striving for those who produce industry to take seriously, and the force of thereby corporation, strive for the governmental attention to connector industry and assistance, be united in wedlock produce, official, learn, grind to promote connector industry to upgrade jointly, the beauty that invites connector to enjoy mechanical semiconductor praise, get more important in course of study of electronic information communication place.
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