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China will maintain stability in a global market foreign trade policy regulator
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Gradually emerging in China's foreign trade signs of improvement, the Chinese in the fourth quarter of this year, after a period of time is expected to maintain the stability of trade policy, thus the recovery of the global trade market have a positive impact. Guangzhou to participate in the largest Chinese Export Commodities Fair - Canton Fair, Vice Minister of Commerce Yi Xiaozhun said, people have to the opening of the General Assembly from 15 to see signs of China's foreign trade to the good, the stability of future policy trade industry is very important, at least for some time in the future are the need for policy stability. He said: "China's export enterprises generally reflect the needs of foreign buyers have more than picked up earlier this year. But the current trend of world economy there are many uncertainties, need people to work harder." Has 50 years of history, over 20,000 exhibitors of the Canton Fair has always been regarded as China's foreign trade and global trade trends "leader" and "barometer." Latest statistics show that as 17, has more than 70,000 overseas buyers to be more than last year, the Canton Fair held in April over the same period the number will grow to nearly 15%.