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Zheng Yuanbao of president of group of Chinese people electric equipment
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The property that Zheng Yuanbao values most is " people " this one brand.

Dozens small small be troubled by start

In 20 centuries 70 time end, get reform atmosphere first city of Wen Zhoule clear willow, emerge in large numbers goes out greatly small enterprise of 1000 low-pressure electric equipment, the lukewarm city person that markets product of low-pressure electric equipment in countrywide each district tens of thousands of. Suffer the effect of tide of business of low-pressure electric equipment, 1976, zheng Yuanbao and person collaboration established Electromechanical of Hangzhou flying eagle controls a factory.

After this, zheng Yuanbao sends irremediable, establish early or late a lot of enterprise. 1982, established in Shanghai Electromechanical facility plant is collected south Shanghai; Of afterwards, 1986, established plant of hardware of happy clear the East China Sea in Wen Zhou again. "Establish at that time the enterprise is immediately respond to a news. " perhaps, nowadays in Zheng Yuanbao's eye, at that time still is small only dozen small be troubled by.

But have a move, it is the professional career that affected Zheng Yuanbao deeply however. In May 1988, zheng Yuanbao and friend cooperate, investment take-overs 30 thousand yuan " factory of electric equipment of low pressure of happy clear people " , this namely predecessor of Chinese people electric equipment. This enterprise scope is very little at that time, annual produce has many yuan 10 only. And, be worth blossom everywhere of manufacturer of willow city electric equipment in those days, fake the product floods the market. How be in confused competition, to a sky that gives oneself, it is to be placed before Zheng Yuanbao an austere task.

Accordingly, new the Zheng Yuanbao that assume office gives out " 3 fire " , namely " 3 not principle " : Lose an interest rather, do not lose the market; Lose an amount rather, do not miss quality; Lose outer part rather, do not lose a customer. Zheng Yuanbao tells a reporter, "In that time, do not close good quality, it is shortsighted, live for a long time in the market hard. " in Zheng Yuanbao guide below, "People " contactor of card CJ110 communication prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan in the market start shooting, be in home first manufacturing license that got national machinery ministry to issue. The double bumper harvest of economic benefits and social benefit, for " people " develop continuously laid solid foundation.

Play turn the enterprise is bought

1992, zheng Yuanbao realizes the enterprise wants more long-term progress, must search terraqueous traffic more convenience, information business of more well-informed, electric equipment door more concentrated place, zheng Yuanbao gives birth to the local willow city of immortal work as a child, became first-rate option.

In Zheng Yuanbao drive, factory of electric equipment of people low pressure is happy from the Wenzhou that is located in a corner Qing Huanghua, remove city of happy clear willow, and build the office building that covers an area of 2700 square metre, bought building of layer of 4-6 of city of Chinese electric equipment to regard production as the place, still set battalion headquarters of classics of much home product in gold a sector of an area. "Although, look from the distance, this ' move the capital to another place ' not from a great distance is driven attend a place far away form home, but this ' move the capital to another place ' become history of group of Chinese people electric equipment to go up however accepted ' milepost ' . " Zheng Yuanbao tells a reporter.
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