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"Legend electric equipment " general manager - interview of Mr Zhang Xianglong
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Character introduction:

Zhang Xianglong, lukewarm city person, unripe 1968, general manager of limited company of electric equipment of legend of Shanghai of supplier of electric equipment of Chinese famous low pressure.

Compere introduction:

Xue Hua, expert of brand of Chinese industry electric equipment, famous organizer.

"Legend electric equipment " general view of brand growing time:

1, established plant of electric equipment of happy Qing Hongyuan 1990

2, 1996, establish Wen Zhou limited company of benefit electric equipment

3, 1996, establish limited company of Shanghai legend electric equipment

4, 1996, register " legend " " achieve strange " brand

5, On December 28, 1998, register LEGEND, check and ratify uses commodity: The 9th kind

"Legend electric equipment " company brief introduction: