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Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Cheng Zhon
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Hu Chengzhong

Delixiji is round chairman of bureau of limited company trustee
Through effort of 19 years, delixi expands from development of mill of a family enterprise of battalion of the countryman in be body of business of countrywide large industry, ascend 500 strong, the product is used extensively on the major project such as project of nuclear power plant, 3 gorge, this god boat of 5 projects
On invite public bidding, delixi's electric equipment also with one action wins the bid. Hu Chengzhong also becomes only accordingly to China 5 launch base one to go the civilian battalion entrepreneur of emissive process of view and emulate.
Most the businessman of appreciation: Wang Yongqing

Experience the hardest period of time that spend or episode: When finishing primitive accumulation, establish the first electric equipment detects lab
Hope to hear others to evaluate to his most: Have the person of social sense of responsibility
Feeling the proudest thing is: Delixi is electric gave power for spaceflight career.
You think the most important in the life is: Sincere letter
A word that often says to the child in the home is: Free-standing self-improvement
Be in familial li of elder that respects most: Father, did he give me 3 treasure (what? Add again)
Like where to travel most: Have the place of business chance
Give oneself one year the period of leave of how long: Make an on-the-spot investigation, the speech is off, occupy about 1/3.

On stage of view and emulate

I excited nervous

Compere (the following abbreviation advocate) : Hu Dong, want to congratulate you above all. You are our country the first, also be only launchs base 5 numbers to go to China the civilian battalion entrepreneur of emissive process of view and emulate. I believe to also regard very high honor as this inside your heart, be?

Hu Chengzhong (the following abbreviation is introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad) : Mix in the spot what look on TV is completely different. When one instant enters the space at that time, my feeling seems to be like the earthquake, voice is very big, of course my mood is very excited also, extremely proud also. This is an important matter of our country, the important matter that attract worldwide attention.
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