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Shanghai gold Zhong Dian enrages special interview of group president Mr Yang Co
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Character introduction: Mr Yang Congxin, MBA of Shanghai traffic university graduates, shanghai gold Zhong Dian insults group president.

Golden Zhong Dian insults a group is market scientific research, industry, investment and commerce the group of joint stock company that is an organic whole, major produces transformer substation of ark of tall, low-pressure switch, box type, electric automation is controlled, appearance of wire cable, instrument and discretion control electric equipment element, the directly under enterprise such as factory of automation of group of bell of limited company of limited company of system of happy control of silent of bell of follower Shanghai gold, engineering of Shanghai Hua Ya Electromechanical, gold, cable, switchgear plant and 15 holding company.

Golden Zhong Dian enrages a group to introduce high quality talent for a long time, energetically famous and as advanced as China institute and scientific research branch cooperate, the strategic partner that is company of pattern of sea of company of German Mu Le, ABB company, France. In the construction that its product applies extensively at the large project such as nuclear report, the sources of energy, metallurgy, chemical industry, traffic, building and project.

Compere: Li Yida, chairman of student union of Shanghai Normal University, reporter of specially invite of net of brand of Chinese industry electric equipment.

Politic support: Xue Hua, famous organizer, brand strategy expert.

Compere: Yang Dong, hello! Thank you initiative 2006, in 100 busy in find time in the midst of pressing affairs is accepted " Chinese industry electric equipment interview of 100 brands handler " column special interview! We learn, you just are making school work of the big MBA that finish, you are those who have actual combat experience is long the businessman of classics battlefield, return classroom, what kind of results do you have?

Yang Dong: I also am pedagogic one's previous experience, teach Yo person stood 10 years on classroom, ability turns to be in business all right later, through practice, return a classroom to accept concept of world advanced government again now. Look in me, fill charge, it is an entrepreneur necessary process. You look, market competition is so intense, china joined WTO, the market is higher and higher to the requirement of entrepreneur, only continuous study rises, ability is not washed out. My Mr. MBA says: A person does not learn, be equal to did not have life!

I ever said in MBA commencement speech: "Make the study of big MBA, created two fundamental value to us: One, arrange to the fills to enter and carry out experience system of new knowledge, the work in the development that learns knowledge to be in an enterprise learns to be used alive, learn to be used now now, make business development faster, better! 2, MBA class is platform of a resource, everybody's relation is a classmate, the friendship between the classmate is pure, can be built jointly and share this resource platform. " return campus, my feeling seemed to return student times, in the attend a lecture in classroom, it is to me a kind different recreational, loosen. Although learn be insecurity, but the atmosphere of campus is to be different from other place completely, your person loosens whole body and mind. Meet with the classmate now, in the phone ah have course a little, everybody very the yearning goes making the day that attends class greatly.
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