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Promote Yu Yijie of happy group president to interview
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-- promote happy group president Yu Yijie accepts a reporter to interview collection

Reporter: Hello, anxiety gentleman. Thank what you accept Hui Cong web to interview above all. You whether the development course that introduces simply to start happy group?

Yu Yijie: Respecting starts happy development course, follow a lot of successful industries actually same, also all previous classics do poineering work, development, mature 3 phase.

The first phase is poineering phase, namely capital accumulates period. Go into business did poineering work 1991, begin to make the treatment of small-sized transformer and coil at the same time, establish together with kin at the same time cable factory. 1995, cable factory one divides into two, "Promote happy " begin to start.

The 2nd phase is development phase, namely capital runs period. Began 2001, we are adopted cross region integrated layout and strategy of low cost dilate, apply asset to recombine, the enterprise is bought, the contemporary capital such as share combination runs way, except course of study of a few three-year institution of higher learning is established to produce a company in Le Qing outside, still bought group of peak of yellow hill world, Jiangxi brace up electrify cable factory (equipment) , built Huang Shan to promote company of happy copper estate, Huang Shan to promote Le Tongcai factory, Ningxia at the same time company of garden of new and high industry, Inner Mongolia cable, Qingdao promotes report of another name for Jiangxi Province of garden of musician course of study, Jiangxi happy. High speed of company comprehensive strength promotes, become production and marketing of industry of Chinese wire cable to measure one of the biggest companies. Current, promote happy march to big northwest, Tibet with great quantity again, should establish again in Gansu Province, Qinghai, Tibet integrated model, group of science and technology large company. 4, after 5 years, promote happy sale production value to will exceed 10 billion yuan.

The 3rd phase, it is mature phase, namely industry and resource conformity period. Began to boost contemporary company system 2003. 2004, carry out " fore-and-aft unifinication, transverse correlation is changed " development strategy, fore-and-aft unifinication, give priority to course of study along wire cable namely fore-and-aft development, develop wire cable to swim up and down namely industry, the front that equipment, raw material and raw material make to high-end cable on -- mining industry, come below dish, content shedding, installation; Transverse correlation is changed, it is development and dominant product relevant industry, if cable accessory, gold is provided, branch cable, bridge, generatrix, tall low-pressure whole set, bid in order to satisfy the unifinication of the market, client, one continuous line serves a demand, form industrial chain. Promote happy industry and resource to get effective conformity, the enterprise achieves orderly progress, person, money, content comes true basically optimal match. Business management by " the person is treated " trend " law " . Become preeminent company citizen hard, perform social duty.
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