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Tiger card accuses an interview of group president Yu Chenghua
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Tiger card accuses a groupLimited company reposes at " long triangle " economy encircles deputy center city- - Hangzhou. Company predecessor is " total factory of electric equipment of Hangzhou low pressure and electric equipment of Hangzhou the second best plan (share) limited company, " the course is old do poineering work difficultly, one of omnibus production companies that already became the high low-pressure whole set of equipment with Hangzhou larger scale, automation to control system, discretion to press cable of electric equipment component, wire to give priority to now. 2001, via municipal government approval, pass powerful powerful combination, by total factory of electric equipment of Hangzhou low pressure and electric equipment of Hangzhou the second best plan (share) the much home company such as limited company is established establish Hangzhou tiger card industrial group limited company, rising in August 2004 the tiger card that does not have area for the whole nation controls a group limited company, existing: Card of tiger of limited company of automation of distribution of Er of contest of card of limited company of limited company of electric equipment of the second best plan of Hangzhou tiger card, switch of low pressure of Hangzhou tiger card, Hangzhou tiger, Hangzhou is electric ark of machine of card of tiger of whole set limited company, Hangzhou limited company of cable of card of tiger of limited company of pattern of machinery of card of tiger of limited company, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, investment of electric power of peaceful of grand of limited company of Hangzhou China numerous estate, Guangxi develops limited company to wait for 5 to invest an enterprise external, member company many 20, total assets is close 300 million yuan, manage to realize dimensions to change, diversity development laid solid foundation.
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Tiger card accuses an electrician of group Hangzhou fourth bridge garden of course of study

Tiger card groupCooperate with place of scientific research courtyard, institution of higher learing, undertook yield, learn, grind to be developed jointly, cooperate with German BENNING company, American GE company, introduce advanced equipment instrument, built the product of electric equipment of Hua Dong low pressure that attributes lead position in course of study of domestic person of the same trade to detect center. Come more, the company holds to from beginning to end " with qualitative get victory " guiding principle, built run a system strictly with perfect quality, passed attestation of ISO9001 quality system, "
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