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Visit China tell president of Electromechanical group limited company - Mr Li Ch
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Character introduction -- Li Chengwen: Huatongji is round president, in gallop executive trustee of limited company of financial group investment holds a president concurrently. China telling Electromechanical group company is electric equipment of high low pressure of a professional production, whole set electric, building appearance of cable of electric, wire, instrument, be defeated by the mechanical and electrical products such as distribution, collect is made, commerce, scientific research, information, service the China at an organic whole is the biggest one of electric companies. The group has many 20 to control share company, the group is built in Shanghai and Zhejiang respectively two produce base greatly, existing employee 2100 much people, enterprise of civilian battalion of the whole nation that be labelled 500 be versed in by force with Chinese machinery course of study front row of 500 strong companies. "FATO. China " brand is judged to be Zhejiang to save famous label.

China know the history 20 years: China connecting is not bibcock, but it is a promising young person certainly

"Be in willow city, china can discharge the 4th. " Li Chengwen says, "We are not bibcock, but it is a promising young person certainly. But it is a promising young person certainly..

Willow city progress is Chinese industry electric equipment before, be before the factory after inn, everybody is doing business of industrial electric equipment in those days, the atmosphere of willow city affected poineering distance of Li Chengwen. Below close friends' support, year only Li Chengwen of 22 years old established 1986 transformer of Le Qingshan door factory, 2002, li Chengwen establishs company of willow plain estate, enter diversity to develop level and obtain positive result of plentiful and substantial. In May 2004, li Chengwen combines 7 willow city well-known big company is initiated in was being established gallop financial group, in be being held the position of gallop executive trustee of limited company of financial group investment holds a president concurrently, this is first civilian battalion financial group that China establishs, tremendous echo is caused in the whole nation.

Good luck is China the cause that knows the power that expands progress

Of Li Chengwen China connect Electromechanical group to be able to realize flying miracle inside so short time, basically depend on innovation and good luck, to the assurance of good luck, li Chengwen introduced 3 times to span greatly:
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