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Day interview of group president Mr Gao Tianle
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See Gao Tianle for the first time, it is to be on general meeting of chamber of commerce of Shanghai lukewarm city, he and additionally a few lukewarm city entrepreneur are discussing the issue that the enterprise innovates on rostrum, entrepreneur of nearly 1000 lukewarm cities is below the stage. See Gao Tianle the 2nd times, it is the profession that runs an institute in Fudan University on development forum, his person does poineering work in what there is his on dais history, nearly 100 MBA are however below the stage. The lukewarm city businessman of one's previous experience of this mathematics teacher, in Wen Zhou numerous appear in civilian battalion entrepreneur extraordinary, before only does poineering work, he has university record of formal schooling, also be the committee member of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of only.

Poor dissimilation is managed win the first pail of gold

Gao Tianle is born in small towns of lukewarm city willow, this small town that finds not quite easily on the map, it is however " lukewarm city mode " birthplace. In this a tiny area, nearly 10 entrepreneur rank Forbes Chinese plute a list of names posted up; More surprising is, there still is enterprise of many 2000 low-pressure electric equipment here, holding the half of country of Chinese market share, delixi, peaceful is born here.

Interesting is, delixi, the author of two enterprises mixes peaceful similar of Gao Tianle age, delixi's Hu Chengzhong is bigger than Gao Tianle two years old, and the Na Cunhui of peaceful and high overhead Le Tongling. Nevertheless, the career of Hu Chengzhong and Na Cunhui starts to want to compare Gao Tianle a lot of earlier, they two it is to be in 20 centuries begin to do poineering work at the beginning of 70 time end, 80 time, and the tall Tian Lecai at that time just graduates from institute of lukewarm state normal school, in Le Qingliu city middle school is carriedHold the post of mathsTeacher.

1989, became Le Zaipeng persuades the high overhead of artisan of 7 years of teach friendlily below, resigned pedagogic post. Just began, gao Tianle is not known do business of electric equipment trade, and be in business with the partner there also is difference on the viewpoint, do not have gain finally how many money. In September 1990, gao Tianle lent 50 thousand yuan of money, employ 6 workers, open transformer of city of Le Qingliu's mayor factory, stepped the first pace that oneself do poineering work. But at that time, the industry of low-pressure electric equipment of willow city has formed dimensions, smooth family mill has many 200, delixi, peaceful also has expanded certain scope, family, friend feels Gao Tianle starts too late.
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