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Treasure of short for Zhejiang Province is electric (Hangzhou) interview of Weng
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Treasure of short for Zhejiang Province is electric (Hangzhou) group limited company is research of a market, development, production and sale at an organic whole integrated model enterprise, since the company was founded 1993, in president Weng Zhemin guide below, search from inside do poineering work, wade from inside twist, wind storm rain had taken ten year, from 500 thousand yuan of first name, development arrives today, have complete set to have international the manufacturing facilities of top-ranking level and detect equipment, cover an area of a face to accumulate 45 mus, floor area 30000 much square metre; Have medium, advanced technology to develop personnel 180 more than person, personnel of medium, high skill 200 much people; Asset many yuan 8000; The sale exceeded 200 million yuan 2003; The company already established mechanism of innovation of system of normative and contemporary company and technology, management; Already became Hangzhou city at present what one of the biggest companies mix switch board industry to have force most is large and medium-sized switchgear of tall low-pressure whole set produces a business. Company president holds general manager Weng Zhemin concurrently to be judged to be by government office of local civil administration " do poineering work advanced individual " , be awarded " model worker " wait for glorious title.   

The company is located in beautiful heaven - Hangzhou, it is former state machinist discretion of trade department, power industry ministry presses whole set switchgear to order manufacturing backbone company surely, it is national classics trade appoint " construction of countrywide urban and rural electrified wire netting and transform equipment and manufacturing company to recommend catalog " first is seleted academician of industry of electric equipment of enterprise, China, Zhejiang saves unit of director of mechanical Joint Industry Conference. The whole set switchgear such as equipment of control of automation of transformer substation of 40.5kv of its dominant product and ark of the following tall low-pressure switch, intelligence box type, industry and high-pressured vacuum breaker. 36 province, city of popular whole nation, municipality sells as far as to the product southeast Asia, on the west inferior wait for country and area, have certain core competition ability, in home the person of the same trade enjoys extremely tall reputation.

The company is introduced from Japanese small pine and department of village Tian Gong have international the numerical control of advanced level cuts multitask of bed, numerical control punching machine, numerical control loses curved equipment and product line of electrostatic gush model, have product line of home's advanced and perfect switchgear of tall low-pressure whole set to reach detect equipment. Force of company scientific research is abundant, manufacturing technology is advanced, management is rigorous, facilities is excellent, have independent core technology and very strong own research and development, productivity. Mix in the product with Xi Menzi company technical respect had strategical collaboration. The company managed systematic attestation and attestation of system of Iso14001 environment management through Iso9001 quality again 2002, the tall, low-pressure switchgear that obtained national machinery to be versed in trade department, power industry ministry is issued 1995 produces order and product quality to rectify certificate of conformity.
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