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Electric power of the 8th 2008 international, electrician and electric automatio
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Hold a place: Sports of the city that do not have stannum can exhibit a center to sponsor an unit: Association of industry of the electron that do not have stannum undertakes without guild of stannic city electric power unit: Commerce of the border in having stannum shows limited company assist run an unit: China inferior heart customer business (group) limited company does not have stannic dispatch without limited company of stannic city Xin Qiyuan science and technology bright limited company of automation system engineering does not have Xi Jialing beautiful without limited company of Xi Lingyu science and technology electric limited company is abroad representative: International of Chinese Taiwan Asia-Pacific shows support of limited company media: China is versed in China of automation net of China controlling a network passes line of existence of feeling net library - I want production resource instrument net is electric industrial net east is compositive " transducer world " " transducer market conditions " " discover resource " " control project " " labour accuses intelligence to change " " instrument: 17-19 day contacted means in April 2008: Commerce of the border in having stannum exhibits limited company address: Jiangsu province does not have stannum phone of 107-501 214062 of new residential quarter of Lu Taikang of brook of gourd ladle of area of city bank lake: Fax of 0086-510-82713476 13961896199 85815612: 0086-510-85868029 contact: E-mail of Mr Wang Zhenming: postpones meeting introduction: Power industry is the most essential fundamental energy industry in national economy progress, it is the industry of the first base of national economy, it is the fundamental industry of relation the national economy and the people's livelihood, it is the preferential development key in strategy of development of economy of world each country. As a kind of advanced productivity and fundamental industry, power industry has main effect to promoting the development of national economy and social progress. In recent years countrywide bedding face accumulates " electric shortage " , made the rapid progress of domestic power industry not only, the market requirement that raised what each district electric power invests to stimulate power facilities directly more considerably. In future 2 ~ inside 3 years, investment of Chinese electric power will is in continuously high speed increases level, many power project starts the high speed growth that will make power facilities trade directly. Be in national below the big background that lacks report, the investment construction of power project entered lasting high speed to increase period. Be invested gross growth to pull at the same time by electric power use the influence that adjusts requirement with structural sex, be defeated change the boom cycle continuance of electric industry longs to last 10 years, generate electricity related equipment and be defeated change the gold period that electric equipment produces manufacturer to will greet high speed to grow.
Energy-saving section report becomes the new heat topic that expands an opportunity, we hold this plenary meeting, aim to offer those who develop long triangle market to trade for broad client the technical communication inside domain of electric power of platform, stimulative international and collaboration, introduce advanced technology and equipment, make internationalization of electric power product, standardization, brand is changed, to grow trigonometry electric power construction offers the most advanced electric power product and technology. Show one's skill of the personage inside greeting course of study makes suggestions to participate in current mass rally jointly hand in hand!
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