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Microcomputer compensates manostat of type electric power without contact
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Product introduction:
Microcomputer of series of DJW-WB, SJW-WB sheet, three-phase compensates manostat of type electric power without contact, use sheet piece canal of brake of engine control, brilliant compensates transformer and digital microcomputer control to exchange stabilized voltage technology without contact switch at an organic whole, have efficient, energy-saving, adjust fast, three-phase undertakes stabilized voltage respectively, be defeated by out to balance, wear away without mechanical failure and carbon brush, have diagnose oneself, protect oneself, restore oneself, overvoltage, under-voltage, over- electric current, be short of photograph, breakdown to call the police wait for protective function, set intelligent interface, control remotely.
Make use closes
Microwave of □ of system of □ extensive TV corresponds unmanned value guards a station
□ industry controls tube-shaped part of machine □ computer science department
The form a complete set of elevator of □ of □ industry equipment complement room that needs stabilized voltage power supply
Input voltage is single-phase 304~456V of 176-264V three-phase line voltage, weaveform of phase voltage 176~264V is lack fidelity ≤2%
Output voltage is single-phase 380V of 220V three-phase line voltage, 50Hz/60Hz of frequency of phase voltage 220V
±2.5% of stabilized voltage precision
±0.7 of > of laden function factor
Efficiency > 95%
Instantaneous overload ability is rated voltaic 1.5-2 times
Temperature of environment of 0.2~0.5S of time of meet an emergency - 15~40 ℃
Functional characteristic: Without contact, wear away without carbon brush of noise, inorganic instrument, had set pressure, owe pressure, be short of photograph, breakdown to diagnose, signal shows, acousto-optic call the police wait for protective function.