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Numerical control machine tool is special purify manostat without contact
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Product introduction:
As the swift and violent development of our country manufacturing industry, china already became world machine tool to consume the biggest country, the occurrence of new material new part, and more high accuracy asks put forward, need more advanced technology, this promoted the rapid development of numerical control machine tool.
Numerical control equipment asks generally to compare to using phone tall, however the power supply quality that home still has a lot of areas to communicate electrified wire netting at present is not quite high, often had appeared, under-voltage, instantaneous declines, the problem such as surge and aiguille interference, this is used to the safety of numerical control equipment caused huge to affect.
To this, the actual condition of electrified wire netting of home of my company union and old a future life produce the experience that does not have contact manostat, spent a body to design machine tool of SBW5B-SK numerical control special purify manostat without contact. This model manostat uses digital microcomputer control, answer speed fast, without contact maintenance-free, without limits of noise, compensation big, three-phase divides tone, interference rejection, prevent be struck by lightning and surge, laden ability strong, can bear to overload for an instant, can realize the computer long-range monitoring, special apply to the equipment such as numerical control machine tool, machining center.

Stabilized voltage range is especially wide
Stabilized voltage precision is extremely tall
Answer time splitting
Instantaneous overload capability is especially strong
Fight high frequency interference capability is especially strong
Output weaveform does not have distortion, without harmonic increment
Can add outfit segregation transformer
The thunder surge that can increase outfit high capacity defends implement
Can add install two power supply to cut buy of transhipment of through cargo automatically
Can be an user color of tailor-made machine ark, specific machine ark