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Converter of module of DC-DC power source
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Product introduction:
Explain: Input voltage 4.5VDC~72VDC, double platoon 5PIN is inserted continuously (DIP) enclose, changeover gives random to be worth voltage to output, precision is ±1% or ±2%

Brief say: DC/DC wide voltage (4.5VDC-72VDC) input, changeover gives sheet of segregation stabilized voltage (be being pressed or negative pressure) / double output (be being pressed twice or losing) converter, output is collective one ground wire, transient response is quick, noise of extremely low ripple is outputted, need not periphery component, can work, foot use 5PIN biserial to be inserted continuously, small-sized enclose, have performance of good screen interference rejection and electromagnetism compatibility, had flowed to press too, short circuit protection, restore oneself

Application: Industry is controlled and remote the communication equipment such as system of dc power supply system, exchange.

. Working temperature: - 25 ~ 85 ℃
. Storage temperature: - 40 ~ 105 ℃
. Efficiency: 85% Min (be fully loaded with)
. Keep apart voltage: 1000VDC Max
. Output ripple / noise (20MHz bandwidth) : 50mVp-p Max
. Enclose: DIP, international standard cites crural definition
. Enclose accord with UL94-V0 standard
. Power:   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of 0.1W ~ 10W (crust of metallic red copper)