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By three-phase compensation transformer, three-phase adjustment transformer, main transfer machinery, brush contacts the composition such as system, casing and imitate control system. Three-phase is pressure regulating face of appearance of winding of transformer cylinder type is machined via burnishing, show smooth conductor side, in order to facilitate brush is good contact; Main transfer machinery is comprised by servo electric machinery and chain wheel chain; Voltage stepless adjusts, output is smooth, without undee distortion, precision 1 ~ 5% adjustable, compensation limits can amount to ±30% , capacity from 3-1600KVA, efficiency can amount to 96% above, protective function is perfect, stable and reliable.
Transformer of 50KVA the following compensation and adjust transformer uses transformer of annulus disk type, three-phase divides tone entirely;
75KVA above compensates transformer to use E transformer, adjust transformer uses transformer of winding cylinder type, three-phase knows tune entirely, yi Kegen asks to provide minute of key according to the user.