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Communication radical station is special without contact manostat
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Product introduction:
SBW5A-TJ series corresponds base the station is special having contact manostat is to get used to wireless communication to swift and violent development needs and be designed. As a result of a lot of communication base the station lies remote region, power supply quality is poorer, some use power supply of farming report, urine electricity even, the fluctuant range of voltage and frequency is very big, and a lot of base station three-phase bear is lopsided; Additional, as a result of base station distributinging range is wide, if use mechanical carbon brush model wait for vintage manostat, safeguard workload to will can't bear bearing. To satisfy base the special need of station user, on the foundation of 5A manostat, it is the manostat of maintenance-free electric power that communication radical station produces only.
Instrument of TJ manostat inorganic, without carbon brush, move without contact, cut off the power without the instant, need not safeguard regularly. Exceed range of wide input voltage, can amount to ±50 % most; Three-phase divides tone, the A photograph of manostat already increased capacity 10KVA, the load that can balance single-phase load and influence three-phase is received to A photograph; Get used to report of remote region urine to generate electricity when appearing voltage Yu Pin leads wave motion to wait for a problem often to stay in input low voltage, also can full load moves; Take long-range monitoring interface; In the meantime, still can add surge of thunder of outfit high capacity to defend implement, solve systematically base the station prevents thunder problem; Can go up into line means can fall, in order to make sure power source wiring is convenient, beautiful. TJ manostat bulk small, weight is light, can decrease carry, a lot of troubles that install a respect, this bit to a mountainous area base the station is weighed particularly should.

Manostat range is especially wide
Answer time splitting
Stabilized voltage precision suits
Three-phase divides tone entirely
Efficiency is special report of tall, section is remarkable
Can full load moves when low voltage
Output weaveform does not have distortion, without harmonic increment
Can add outfit far end monitoring interface
The thunder surge that can increase outfit high capacity defends implement
Can add install two class or 3 class filter
Can consider to take line kind up and down
Can be an user color of tailor-made machine ark, affirmatory machine ark

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