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How is the capacity of UPS calculated
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The uninterrupted cable system that 1. sells on market at present is inspected with VA(mostly in power) for the unit, v shows tension, a expresses electric current, voltage is multiplied show power with electric current, do not cut off the power namely systematic capacity; Will explain with the uninterrupted cable system of a 500VA, when its output voltage to be 110V, its can supply voltaic 4.55A, when the voltaic value of the laden place demand that becomes you exceeds 4.55A, expressed to overload.
2. states the unit of power is "W" another times, w is denotive it is real work, VA is denotive it is virtual work, both between the difference that has factor of a power, θ of s of o of C of W = VA, θ of s of this C o is power factor, power factor after all how many, each product is different, have a plenty of 0.6, have a plenty of 0.8, at present product of major city carry out is in surely 0.7.
3. general each laden nominal capacity are cumulative beg a total capacity, big to instantaneous activation power consumption load is like bill printer, need additional the power consumption computation when activationing with the instant, prevent all facility when at the same time activation creates overweighted situation, once town report interrupts an UPS,also cannot last power supply.
4. load total power consumption (VA value and W value) must not be more than UPS to output upright power (VA value and W value) , it is overweighted otherwise. Once town report is unusual or interrupt, UPS cannot be run normally, also cause load to be faced with cut off the power the crisis, this is the problem with average the easiest and unwary user.