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Parameter manostat chooses to reach a note
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Parameter regulated power supply namely iron magnetism resonance (or magnetism saturation) regulated power supply, be those who use magnetic data is nonlinear realize stabilized voltage with capacitance resonance means. Because apply the principle of iron magnetism resonance, make it has a few more distinctive function characteristics, be like:
1, reliability is high (without the electron yuan parts of an apparatus, the structure is simple) .
2, interference rejection capability is strong (can realize input, output two-way interference rejection) .
3, control an appearance too without output.
4, input voltage range is wide (floor level of tension of the input when half load can exceed 50% ) .
5, answer time weak point (make an appointment with 40ms) .

In the meantime, also bring a few inherent blemish to it:
1, laden adaptability is poor: The change of laden property, may cause stabilized voltage limits to reduce. Output loss of accuracy, temperature rise increases wait for a problem, have so get used to load of sex of strong sensibility, strong look and concussion sex (wait like equipment of electric machinery, machine tool, commutate) when must special attention.

2, frequency character is wrong: Iron magnetism resonance power source is very sensitive to town report frequency, change when town report frequency 1% when, output voltage changes 2% , when frequency error is too big, it is likely cannot stabilized voltage produces low frequency vibration even, mix in report of a mountainous area urine so dynamo circumstance cannot be used absolutely.

3, temperature rise tall, noise is big: Work as a result of transformer part magnetic circuit at saturated condition, consequently advocate the transformer with the design more average temperature of transformer is tall; The leakage magnetism that saturated condition causes is bigger also, make overall noise somes regulated power supply is large more general.

Remind each collaboration trader here so or be direct user, should notice the following item:

One, parameter regulated power supply because the reason of principle respect, very sensitive to the change of town report frequency, frequency changes 1% (0.5HZ) when, output voltage changes 2% (4.4V) . Because of this larger to frequency deviation area and dynamo power supply when should careful with.

2, in be being used actually of parameter regulated power supply, note laden size and quality even. Because laden property is different, the breakdown proportion that also can produce undesirable effect to it is more. Common load can divide sex of the sex that it is a look, perceptual, block, concussion roughly gender, nonlinear. They are as follows to the influence of parameter regulated power supply:

1, look sex: The load that allow a gender can increase the syntonic size of parameter regulated power supply, increase the stability that outputs voltage, enlarge stabilized voltage limits, but also make output voltage value elevatory at the same time, the temperature rise of transformer rises. Exorbitant temperature rise can damage transformer is isolated from.
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