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The principle of manostat
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The power supply quality that our country still has a lot of areas to communicate electrified wire netting at present is not quite high, expression is pressed to often be owed too, instantaneous declines, surge and aiguille interference are more etc. And the development as science and technology and economy, the application of IT and microelectronics technology, a large number of equipment that use phone are higher and higher to the requirement of power supply quality, consequently, electric power manostat already made a lot of electron equipment (if equipment of the computer, communication, wide report launchs equipment, medical treatment device,wait) with Electromechanical equipment (wait like the numerical control machine tool, machine that note model) indispensable power supply device. R^q7Q]N
Current, the manostat with pressure regulating carbon brush of much still use machinery and parameter adjust a lot of places model manostat. The main drawback of mechanical carbon brush manostat is: Short, need often maintains life of carbon brush work, when big electric current easy generation scintilla, cause electromagnetism interference, mechanical and pressure regulating answer time to grow, three-phase cannot divide tone to wait a moment. Parameter adjusts model the main drawback of manostat is: Efficiency is low, laden adaptability is undee and poor, lack fidelity big, temperature rise is advanced wait. The manostat of afore-mentioned types is having a lot of defect and inadequacy, already cannot get used to the need that modern science and technology admits far.
ZL W.P5@.D is in domain of contemporary power source, want to make sure power source device can accomplish critically control and reliable ground to move, must use technology of electric power electron, electric power semiconductor device is used in device (silicon controlled rectifier) . Electric power semiconductor device has efficiency function of tall, control good, bulk small, weight is light, use wait for a lot of advantages reliably. Accordingly, use technology of electric power electron to undertake upgrading to electric power manostat replacement, already was current the main development direction of manostat of high-power electric power.
w, mg Qhw&wi! The market was analysed to be opposite when S Shanghai Pan ascends power source company to reach the demand of regulated power supply of new generation high-power, high-power of development success DBW5/SBW5 series compensates manostat of type electric power without contact (weigh Pan Deng below 5 model manostat) , pan of article put up with is ascended 5 model principle of the construction of system of manostat, job and outstanding advantage make one simple introduction. 1? / Bwi | (T7z/x0{
2, circuit structure and working principle x | 6U | A
Pan Deng 5 model series compensates type manostat without contact (product of our company patent) , it is to use technology of electric power electron, to traditional high-power manostat of compensation formula electric power undertakes upgrading of replacement transform, development produces a when go out outstanding product.
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