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The switch regulated power supply that controller of power source of high speed
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Graph (A) place shows the internal composition block diagram that is M62213FP. M62213FP is controller of power source of switch of a kind of high speed. It is protected by circuit of amplifier of comparator of oscillator, PWM, error, output, overvoltage hold time closedown circuit concurrently, cross electric current to protect circuit and the composition such as the soft circuit that start. Switch job frequency is 700kHz, peak value of output electric current is ±1A, use push-pull to output circuit, the electric current of the circuit before starting is very small, typical cost is 130μA, start begin to be differred with the voltage when stopping bigger, start begin voltage to be 12.5V, start stop voltage to be 8.3V, can reduce an input to make the same score wave capacitance so. Piece inside have high speed current limliting, press too hold control of time closedown, dead band concurrently soft start, the feedback with photoelectricity direct and incentive coupler uses the function such as misoperation of the error amplifier, output when preventing low voltage circuit. Very few component is received outside, can make the switch regulated power supply with relatively perfect function.

Graph (B) place is shown for the switch regulated power supply that M62213FP of controller of power source of high speed switch makes. Of the output pulse of this power source guide a time by receive the resistor that carries in SOFT to decide, if as shunt-wound as this resistor a capacitance, so when starting, guide connect time to increase gradually, can come true so soft start. When the working voltage of M62213FP itself is being started, after passing rectification by voltage of alternating current source, offer through R1; When regular job circle diode of block classics commutate by a of flyback transformer VD commutate is offerred, right now voltage and output voltage become scale, accordingly, still use at undertaking control and overvoltage detect feedbacking. Cause misoperation to prevent noise, receive the filter filter that makes into RNF and CNF to divide noise.