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3 end the manostat switch that make regulated power supply
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If plan institute shows the specific circuit for the switch that with 3 end manostat makes regulated power supply. Its job principle can pass equivalent circuit graph to understand. As a result of some kind of reason, output voltage V0 drops somewhat, its press V3 to also drop subsequently in the cent on R5 and R6, via VT3 enlarge, ic3 is reduced, ic2 increases, the electric current that has shed R1 and VD1 namely increases, v1 drops, bring about Ic1 to increase, v4 rises, the cent of V4 classics R2 and R3 is pressed, v2 also as rise, opposite for cause V3 to drop again …… this process is make a present of of a positive and negative chain-reacting, end product VT1, VT2 guides strongly, VT3 ends, ic1 charges to L1 and C1, make Vo rises gradually, the rise of Vo will cause make a present of of a series of positive and negative again chain-reacting, through very short time, vo rises to make VT3 guides, VT1, VT2 ends. The electric current of the memory on L1 passes load and VD2 of diode of follow on current to release, make V4 drops to 0. Of course Vo also drops to retroflexion till the 2nd slowly, complete a cycle of self-oscillation namely. Ground of whole circuit go round and round works at switch condition.

Circuit of equivalent of switch regulated power supply: