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Rise profiling switch regulated power supply
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If plan institute is shown to use circuit of regulated power supply of the 555 step up that form switch. In circuit, use transistor BG1 to adjust a canal as switch; Operation amplifier IC1 is formed compare amplifier; Circuit of 555 time base is received without stable state much resonance swings implement. The oscillator produces toothed wave tension on C1 (Vmin=1 / 3Vz, vmax=2 / 3Vz, frequency is decided by W1 and C1) the inphase input end that sends to comparator IC1, sampling voltage sends to comparator input end instead. IC1 output rectangle occupies sky comparing undeely to be controlled by sampling voltage, when be worth for one stability in output voltage, sampling voltage is mixed for 1 / 3Vz some is worth between 2 / 3Vz. Make output voltage to rise when some kind of reason (or drop) when, sampling voltage rises subsequently (or drop) , make IC1 outputs rectangular wave to occupy sky comparing to reduce (or increase) , guide connect time to decrease short (or increase) , output voltage drops (or ascendant) , achieve stability to output the purpose of voltage thereby. Adjust W, controallable the size that outputs voltage.