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Low pressure needs linear regulated power supply
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MAX8860 is integrated circuit of manostat of linear of a kind of low-pressure difference, low noise, main characteristic has; Output of voltage of 2.5 ~ 6.5V; uses input voltage range two kinds of mode (DUAL MODETM) , secure voltage output and set voltage output namely; No matter be the sort of mode, its output electric current to all can amount to 200mA to press difference low, when exporting 200mA electricity, press poor typical cost to be 105mV; Output noise report depress, its type cost is 60mYrms; Static electric current is small, its type cost is 120μA; Output electric capacity needs 2.2μF only, can reduce printed board dimension to reach reduce cost; About the source control that close report. When closing power source position bad news report is very small, its type cost has output of signal of power source invalidation for 10nA; ; Have perfect safeguard, namely overheat protection, short circuit protection and batteries install protection instead. This manostat is special apply to mobile device, digital signal processor (power source of DSP) core part. PCMCIA gets stuck, appearance of portable electron instrument.

If pursue,the internal composition of MAX8860, pin is arranged (A) place is shown. It by source of 1.25V fiducial voltage, error amplifier, the voltage voltage divider that MOSFET of raceway groove of MOSFET driver, P adjusts detector of invalidation of comparator of voltage of canal, double mode, power source and interior to feedback is comprised.

Graph (B) , (the applied circuit of the mode of two kinds of output that C) is MAX8860, former output mode to secure, latter outputs mode for set voltage.