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Low-pressure poor linear manostat applies mediumly in switch power source
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Power source is all sorts of electron equipment need indispensable component, the actors or actress bad matters to electronic equipment directly technology index of its function and whether ground of on the safe side works. At present commonly used dc regulated power supply distributes linear power source and switch power supply two kinds big, because interior of switch power source is crucial,the job is in yuan of parts of an apparatus condition of high frequency switch, the energy that itself wastes is very low, efficiency of switch power source can amount to 80%~90% , than common linear regulated power supply raises nearly one times, already made the mainstream product of regulated power supply at present.

The structure of switch regulated power supply

Graph the principle picture that 1 picture gave switch regulated power supply and equivalent principle block diagram, it is You Quanbo commutator, switch is in charge of Vi, incentive signal, diode of follow on current VD, store can inductance and composition of C of filter wave capacitance. Actually, the core part of switch regulated power supply is transformer of a dc. We are mixed to dc transformer here inverter makes following explanations. Inverter, it is a dc change the device that is communication. Inverter is applied to be in those who use n or batteries composition to reserve widely normally in power source. Shed transformer continuously, it is change direct current into communication, change communication into the device of dc again next. This kind of device is applied in switch regulated power supply widely. Tension of a variety of dc power supply that use dc transformer to be able to alternate voltage of power supply of a kind of dc into polarity, numerical value each differ.

The advantage of switch regulated power supply and defect

Advantage of switch regulated power supply

Power comsumption is small, efficiency is tall. In the graph in circuit of 1 medium switch regulated power supply, transistor V falls in the drive of incentive signal, its alternately job is in guide a — end and end — guides the switch position that open, changeover rate is very rapid, frequency is 50kHz left and right sides commonly, in the country with a few advanced technologies, can accomplish hundreds of close perhaps 1000kHz. This makes the power comsumption of switch transistor V very small, the efficiency of power source can rise substantially, its efficiency can be achieved 80% .

Volume is minor, weight is light. The labour frequency transformer that can see from the principle block diagram of switch regulated power supply here did not use ponderosity clearly. After because adjust a canal,the dissipation power on V is reduced substantially, leave out bigger carbon fin. As a result of reason of this two respects, the volume of switch regulated power supply is so minor, weight is light.
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